3D Repository

A repository of photography and video related 3D printable objects.This is where you will find all the 3D models we create hosted, along with links to models which are hosted on other 3D repositories. The aim of this repository is to aggregate as many freely available photography and video 3D models. We will only ever list photography and video related models, were other repositories host a range of general models, making this the best place to find photography and video specific models.

If you have a model to host or have found a photography and video 3D model not yet listed in this repository, please feel free to contact us.

The models listed here are of an experimental and non commercial nature, please download and use the models at your own discretion. We cannot assure the quality of the final prints you produce using your own equipment, which is why Lost Lens Caps accepts no liability for any damages that could ensue from the use of any of the models you print.