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Distagon f/4 40 mm C lens hood

I recently purchased a Hasselblad 40mm C f/4. I love medium format cameras and lenses. The are sharp, work very well, and are built to last, this lens is no exception.It’s a beast weighing in at 1.375kg ~3lbs. I’ve been scared to shoot it because I didn’t have a filter to mount on it. Older […]

Lens Cap for Hasselblad Carl Zeiss 80mm f 2.8

The lens cap for my camera was starting to crack so I decided to try to print a new one. This one worked pretty well and was easy to print. URL: Author: praetoriansentry@thingiverse

Hasselblad SWC lens hood

You will need a 62mm to 67mm filter adapter ring to make use of this hood as there is a retention ring to hold the hood into place (i didn’t need to use any glue as it was tight enough to keep it in place). Print these two part separately and the small ring should […]

Hasselblad V mount rear lens cap

Hasselblad V mount rear lens cap URL: Author: Diox@thingiverse

Hasselblad 40mm FLE adapter ring for Lee holder

Works fine with Lee holder or serk URL: Author: Diox@thingiverse