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LED Barn Doors

Read the full guide on: Shape light beams, restrict light from areas, prevent glare or control the throw of LED lights with Barn Doors! Lighting is a pretty important part of photography and video. This luxpad LED panel is really nice because you can adjust the color temperature and brightness of the LEDs, but […]

Camera LED Ring

Description: Trying to get those pixel perfect macro shots on a budget? Build your own DIY low cost ring of light with a NeoPixel Ring and Trinket, Adafruit tiny arduino micro controller. The color and brightness of the LEDs can be programmed to color or pattern! Using the 24x NeoPixel ring as a light […]

60 NeoPixel Ring Camera Mount

You can build this massive camera light a 60 NeoPixel ring. This camera ring update works with ANY DLSR and ANY lens. Perfect for macro photography, this light gives a signature ring around your eyes, making an awesome lighting effect. A 3d printed light ring adapter holdes the electronics and mounts to any dslr hot […]

Flash Stand

Small stand for using a flash on a flat surface. Should work with any flash designed for a standard hotshoe. Printer: —Afinia H480* Filaments: — Up! Black ABS *affiliate link URL: Author: walter@thingiverse

Hot Shoe Tripod Adapter

Adapter convert a 1/4-20 Tripod screw mount to a hot shoe for mounting flashes on to tripods. There are two versions for different bolt heights. I’m not sure how strong this is so be careful with it. I wouldn’t recommend using it in situations that put a lot of force on it (e.g. mounted horizontally). […]