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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Regulable Tripod

Regulable Tripod for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. URL: Author: antodelg@thingiverse

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tripod Mount

Tripod Mount for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.You will need a 1/4-20 UNC Nut. URL: Author: antodelg@thingiverse

Phone tripod mount

This is my version of a Phone mount for a tripod. I use a M6 nut to mount it on the 1/4 inch thread. It isnt perfect but it holds. I created it for my LG G3. URL: Author: Wopie_3d@thingiverse

Galaxy S6 tripod adapter

I just needed a tripod adapter for my cellphone so I could record while using my hands. I had the mini-tripod that was ok, so only an adapter piece was needed. I used a bit of force to tap the hole with the tripod bolt. URL: Author: misan@thingiverse

LG G4 fisheye lens holder

An adapter for the AUKEY Fisheye Smartphone Lens. Fits well and holds better than the original adapter. With hand loops hole and tripod thread. URL: Author: multitror@thingiverse