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Hasselblad 40mm FLE adapter ring for Lee holder

Works fine with Lee holder or serk URL: Author: Diox@thingiverse

Hasselblad B50 CPL Cap

Protect your Zeiss CPL filter! Mine came in a sucky pouch, so I made this cap. Now I can carry it in my pocket and not worry about taking pictures of dust, scratches and lint! URL: Author: theverant@thingiverse

Hasselblad C12 darkslide holder

The credit goes to Brian Kyle who designed this beautiful darkslide holder for Hasselblad. What I’ve done is to adopt it to an elder C12 film back, by punching out a hole in his design. By doing so, you can flip the ASA-lid and advance the film without removing the darkslide holder. I also smoothed […]

Hasselblad body cap

Hasselblad V mount body cap URL: Author: Diox@thingiverse

small viewfinder for dslr hotshoe

For Microsoft 3D Builder. I have several filters for my DSLR that when I use them it is almost impossible to aim the camera. These filters include the Infrared Filter, the Solar Filter, etc. This small unit sits on the hotshoe and helps in aiming the camera. I made this based on two other things […]