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small viewfinder for dslr hotshoe

For Microsoft 3D Builder. I have several filters for my DSLR that when I use them it is almost impossible to aim the camera. These filters include the Infrared Filter, the Solar Filter, etc. This small unit sits on the hotshoe and helps in aiming the camera. I made this based on two other things […]


A cover piece for action finder, Nikon F. URL: Author: Kpafuca@thingiverse

Viewfinder cap for pentax IstdL

NinjaFlex at 220° No support Sorry, I only have a red one ! URL: Author: JMK54@thingiverse

Viewfinder cap for pentax MZ-5n

Viewfinder cap for pentax MZ-5n URL: Author: Mdhinnov@thingiverse

Sony FDA-EP10 eye piece cup replacement

This is a replacement eyepiece cup for Sony Alpha NEX-7 and NEX-6 cameras, as well as the OLED viewfinder FDA-EV1S. It is modelled to fit as FDA-EP10, but design is only inspired by original part – I measured it up and made my own. Tested with NEX-6, snaps firmly in place. URL: Contributed by: […]