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Sony E-Mount Ultra Wide Converter Cokin Filter Holder Adapter

This item can be used to adapt cokin filter holders onto the Sony E-Mount Ultra Wide Converter. One end clamps onto the lens, while the other end expands out and then slots into most cokin filter holders. This thing is now marked in progress. The barrel of the thing now has slightly too wide a […]

Sony Nex E-mount 2 telescope 1,25″

An e-mount to 1.25″ telescope adapter. For the moon, I used the following settings on the Sony: Exposure time: 1/640 Sek. ISO: 200 Flash: No 😉 For the roof these settings: Exposure time: 1/320 Sek. ISO: 100 I have also triggered by remote control, to avoid camera shake. My telescope is a Orion 6″ Dobson […]

Meade telescope to Sony FE/E-mount Adapter

Simple telescope eyepiece tube to FE/E-mount adapter that allows a Sony camera to use a Meade telescope as a lens. Repository: Thingiverse URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:167460 Author: profhankd@thingiverse

M42 Lens to Sony NEX (E-Mount) Body adaptor

Attach standard M42 lenses to Sony E-Mount compatible bodies with this quick and easy print! For creative fun, try printing it in a translucent coloured plastic and play with light leaks – instagram irl! M42 lenses can be found at retro camera stores for around fifty bucks, and they take some really incredible photos and […]

LOMO Biolam microscope to Sony NEX E-Mount camera

Tube to connect the classic LOMO Biolam microscope to modern Sony NEX-style cameras, allowing this microscope to be hooked up to a TV for easier viewing or to be used for photographic or video experiments. The length of this tube is entirely arbitrary. I don’t know what I’m doing, but it appears to work fine. […]