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Sony FDA-EP10 eye piece cup replacement

This is a replacement eyepiece cup for Sony Alpha NEX-7 and NEX-6 cameras, as well as the OLED viewfinder FDA-EV1S. It is modelled to fit as FDA-EP10, but design is only inspired by original part – I measured it up and made my own. Tested with NEX-6, snaps firmly in place. URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:67330 Contributed by: […]

Viewfinder for Sony nex5

This is quite a wide angle view finder for Sony nex5. You see all the screen as it was a huge screen in front of your eye. And with this lens it is super sharp, so you see each pixel of the display. It requires that size lens as seen on the images: it is […]

Sony NEX-5 Camera Screen Sun Shield

I’ve had this camera for years and I love the thing. But shooting pictures in bright sunlight is a challenge because mine doesn’t have a viewfinder. So, now it does. I have only had a few mins in the sun to test it out but it certainly makes it much easier to use. I’ll test […]

Sony HDR-AS100v/AS200v Helmet mount for “SENA PRISM Helmet Mounting Kit”

Sony AS100v/AS200v Helmet mount for “SENA PRISM Helmet Mounting Kit” -separately Mount-Sphere for easy printing (to stick after) -Free connector cover for USB Power (Multi/Micro USB Terminal) (HDR-AS200V only) -Akku change inside cover possible -Free display and buttons -enough space for original protection lens (Sony AKAHLP1.SYH) -To fix in “tripod adaptor attachment hole” Edit: 19:10 […]

Sony Action Cam AS-10 Tripod adapter

I made this from the camera holder that jain uploaded with the no gimbal camera mount. I added a place for a square nut to sink inside the housing with a hole that lines up for the standard 1/4-20 tripod screw. I recommend putting a drop of CA on the nut to keep it from […]