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Makes taking anaglyphs really easy and using a stepper motor to drive the caddy means loads of control.

Specifically designed for the Manfrotto quick release plate tripods and the Nikon D800 camera, but any similar or smaller camera will work as well. Bigger cameras may work, your milage may vary.

How you control the camera and stepper motor are completely down to you. Similarly, if your camera falls off, that’s also you 🙂

NOTE The mount arms allow for about a 12cm maximum parallax when using the handle… that’s more than humans, but if you’re taking shots outside and viewing the final image from a bit further back it works well. You can always manually limit the travel.

Just Added manfrotto 200pl extender.stl: for raising your pointy shooty or smaller camera up about 20mm to allow lenses to clear the rails.

URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:665029

Author: nigeljohnson73@thingiverse