Ball joint phone mount with tripod mount

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This is a set of easily printed parts that can be used to make an adjustable mount for a phone that clamps onto a small PVC pipe, which in turn can be attached to a tripod. My purpose is to make a highly adjustable stand that can be used to record pictures, videos, and timelapses of art and DIY projects.

Phone clip is sized to fit my iPhone 5c. The device cross section is 9mm x 60mm.

Published as a public OnShape document titled Tripod Pipe Clamp.

Fun fact: the ball joint parts are compatible with RAM brand mounting hardware (see the photo with black clamp arms).

Update: Make clips for different size phones by clicking “Open in Customizer” and entering the dimensions. Thingiverse will generate the STL for you in a few minutes. Not quite as fancy as the Onshape version, but a little quicker/easier to customize.


Author: Anoved@thingiverse