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I’ve been doing development on my motion control rig for a few years now. After selling my primary camera for the rig (Sony F3), I only had my Nikon DSLR left to test the rig with. Since I didn’t have a way to mount the required focus and zoom motors, or even a way to attach the camera to the rig at all, I made a complete camera platform 100% 3D printed.

I looked on this site for anything that would work that someone else had already made but I couldn’t find anything that worked exactly how I needed it to, so I modeled everything from scratch in OpenSCAD. I’m not an OpenSCAD expert and the code shows it, so I won’t be posting the source files. If you want them, just ask and I’ll send them to you.

Also keep in mind that I modeled the bottom plate to fit directly into the Bogen tripod quick release plate. This makes the rig much simpler. If you need it to fit your tripod plate, just design a new bottom or put holes in my bottom plate and attach your tripod adapter.

Obviously there is a bit of risk in creating a part like this and putting $5k worth of camera equipment on it. I’m confident that the parts I printed are up to task and I’m not too worried about breaking my camera, but use at your own risk.

Also, the rig pictured is using my 15mm Stepper Motor Rail Mounts too. That part has its own page and you can get the STL for that there.

Lastly, the actual 15mm rods are standard rods. They are not printed. I get mine from Filmtools.

URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:61007

Author: anewsome@thingiverse