GoPro Selfie handle


Author: otaku@thingiverse


My friend got the GoPro 3-way and I thought I could just have some fun and design a similar one.
First design looks good but I still need to add bolt holders and resize the joints. Also after the print it seemed a bit flimsy so I will make the walls a bit thicker.
Hope it turns out great once I’m done.
Update V2
I re made the whole thing from scratch and it turned out better, still have some little things to tweak but this V2 works already. I decided to get rid of the screw base and went for a simpler approach for now, I will probably add the mini tripod later.
I unfortunately broke it while testing the strength of the joints so pictures don’t show me holding it, but it felt solid.
The handle has two holes as the higher one is the one that works directly with the GoPro housings.
I will probably redesign it again from scratch with a more streamline design. Hope you guys like this version.