UPTM (Universal Phone Tripod Mount)

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My wife and mother-in-law got a little tired of always taking their cases off to use their tripod mount; now you can use nearly ANY phone (even phablets!) in nearly ANY case on your tripod without a specific mount case.

This thing will securely hold your phone, no matter your case thickness, on top of a tripod or monopod. All top and bottom ports are accessible, as well as the screen.

Design goals – To securely fit as many types of phones using as many types of cases as possible, while keeping microphones, screen, and ports open.

Thanks to cswaim to his UPTM; I was inspired by his clamping method, and thought it could be made a little more universal and secure with a wider clamping surface and tightening nuts.

Should print in 3.5-4 hrs on standard settings without support. Optimized for PLA.

URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:82950

Author: timesaint@thingiverse