Water Bottle Camera Stand, with Centered Lug

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This thing is a simple cap that fits over the cap of a standard water or soda bottle, and holds your small snapshot camera so you can take a picture without having to rest the camera on a stick, railing, etc.

I saw a soda bottle tripod thing here on ThingiVerse, but it was printed in 3 pieces and had to be glued together. Plus it was thick and bulky and had a pivot ball that didn’t fit into the socket correctly (it broke the socket when I pushed it in). I designed this camera stand completely from scratch using Autodesk Inventor. I printed it out using the Thing-O-Matic at TechShop and also on a Replicator.

The little post that attaches to the camera’s 1/4-20 threaded mount simply pushes in…you don’t have to screw it in. I’m not sure how many cycles this will work, but you can always print a new one if it wears out. Also, I would advise that you unscrew the mount from the camera instead of pulling it straight out…there’s a chance it could break off if you pull it.

Be careful because the camera might be a little tippy on top of the soda or water bottle. Be careful that the wind doesn’t blow the whole thing over and break your camera!


URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23862

Author: TechShopJim@thingiverse