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Lens Cap for Hasselblad Carl Zeiss 80mm f 2.8

The lens cap for my camera was starting to crack so I decided to try to print a new one. This one worked pretty well and was easy to print. URL: Author: praetoriansentry@thingiverse

Hasselblad V mount rear lens cap

Hasselblad V mount rear lens cap URL: Author: Diox@thingiverse

Hasselblad B50 CPL Cap

Protect your Zeiss CPL filter! Mine came in a sucky pouch, so I made this cap. Now I can carry it in my pocket and not worry about taking pictures of dust, scratches and lint! URL: Author: theverant@thingiverse

Hasselblad 80mm Hood Cap

Protect your lens when the 80mm hood is on your camera! URL: Author: theverent@thingiverse

Hasselblad 150mm Sonnar Lens Cap

My medium format camera addiction has taken a turn for the better, finally, with this new super power to replace parts! This lens cap fits superbly and the inner text does not rub against the lens element itself. Designed to fit a Hasselblad 500 c/m 150mm Sonnar lens. URL: Author: Lootkit@thingiverse