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lost lens cap

Lens caps lost.

When I had decided to start a website to do with 3D printing, I did not want to do one which was too generic. There are quite a few websites around already in what is still a fledgling industry.

I wanted a focus and a purpose and photography is a passion, which I share with a lot of people and a way to introduce people to 3D printing and perhaps even start a 3D based business themselves.

What I will be doing is sharing my experiences to date in picking up 3D printing as a hobbyist and my journey into turning this interest into business. I am not an expert, either in 3D printing or in any specific area of photography. But then I would expect that the majority of the people reading this blog/site would not be either. My intention is to attract a community passionate about either 3D printing and/or photography to share their passions.

So why “Lost Lens Caps”? I collect and intend to write about vintage lenses, amongst other things, and one of the things that I have encountered constantly from my lens purchases are missing lens caps. Some caps are non-replaceable or ridiculously expensive to replace. Therefore I’ve spent a lot of my time 3d printing these.

The first 3 files I will be uploading to my own 3d printing repository will exemplify what I mean. They are the Tamron SP 24-48mm f3.5-3.8 front cap, the Contax N rear lens cap and the Nikon Nikkor IX series lens caps.

That and, “Lost Lens Caps” sounds friendly and I hope that it sets the tone for the site.