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Hasselblad A12/24 Darkslide Keeper-JCHP

Not wanting to risk bending my Hassy dark slides by dropping them in a pocket, or lose it by setting it down somewhere when shooting, I designed a keeper that hangs ’round my neck and supports the entire surface area of of the Hasselblad V series A12 / A24 dark slide while it’s out of […]

Film Case

This is a case for 5 rolls of medium format film (120). You could also use this case for re-spooled 620 film. I was tired of keeping my film in a Ziplock bag and wanted something nicer than the cardboard box the film came in. This case is durable and when closed light tight. It […]

Hasselblad Darkslide Holder

Based on the Lindahl holder. The cutout lets you see the film reminder window while also saving weight and material. *After it’s printed you may need to use a razor blade to make sure the opening is completely free for the darkslide to slide into URL: Author: bogucki@thingiverse

Hasselblad cable mount for H Series

I was annoyed as my flash cable falls of the sync port all the time. On the other hand I was scared while shooting tethered I will fall over the cable and pull the cable out of the back. So I decided to use the “heavily” used accessory port. Originally this nice addon port is […]

Hasselblad 500 series camera strap lug

You will need a 62mm to 67mm filter adapter ring to make use of this hood as there is a retention ring to hold the hood into place (i didn’t need to use any glue as it was tight enough to keep it in place). Print these two part separately and the small ring should […]