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Film Case

This is a case for 5 rolls of medium format film (120). You could also use this case for re-spooled 620 film. I was tired of keeping my film in a Ziplock bag and wanted something nicer than the cardboard box the film came in. This case is durable and when closed light tight. It […]

MicroSD Card Holder

It’s inspired by BGILL and FUTABA card holders. FEATURES: Fits 6 MicroSD cards Chamfered edges for better ergonomics Smaller and shorter Chamfered screw for easy closing URL: Author: vdamiani@thingiverse

4X AA Case for Enloop Version 2.0 Charged up for Photographers!

Customized version of I set these battery cases up for the Photographer who is looking for a way to store his or her AA battery sets for their flashgun. When placed in your bag, place the charged lable up for good sets and the dead lable up for sets that need charging. URL: […]

6x AAA Battery Case

Holds 6 rechargeable AAA Batteries. URL: Author: TheMakersWorkbench@thingiverse

6x 23A 12V Battery Case

Will fit six 12V size 23A batteries. 23A is interchangeable with the following batteries and should fit fine, but no testing has been done. MN21 / MS21 / V23GA / L1028 URL: Author: TheMakersWorkbench@thingiverse