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Gimbal Camera Stablizer (GlideCam)

Wanted to experiment with gimbals and camera stabilizers. Design wise I went a different route, I used squares instead of circles. Another thing I designed in was the ability to have one or two handles to control the rig. I used two different sets of ball bearings. Smaller ones for the gimbal to keep the […]

(almost) fully printed GoPro steady cam

This steady cam only needs a few non-printed parts, the rest can be printed. Z rotation is enabled by a 608 ball bearing, while the other two axes are just running on M4 screws. The design works great – of course, a “pendulum type” steady cam like this one has some drawbacks, but it’s still […]

Handheld gimbal 2-axis

This handheld gimbal is originally made for the SJcam 4000+ Motors I used are: RCTimer BGM2804 100T Brushless Gimbal Motor Hollow Shaft Gimbal controller: Alexmos 3 Axis BGC V3.3 For the Lipo battery I have made a hole in the front to put an on/off switch The screws are M3. In the handheld i put […]

Harrope Cable Cam GoPro v1.0 – Camera accessories Follow us on facebook: URL: Author: GuillermoMaroto@thingiverse Designed by Guillermo Maroto How does it work? We engage our camera with adapter (compatible with GoPro and screw), this it joined the zip line, adjust the angle we want we press well and let slide by the cords. We can […]

Shoulder rig for DSLR (NOT just for Canon 5D)

One thing is that this set is not only fit the Canon 5D,but also other cameras,what you need to change is the quick release Plate(Clamp),redesign a plate and decrease the Raised.And the most of them is all can be adjusted… The most important difference between shoulder rig on sale and mine is the diameter of […]