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Gimbal Camera Stablizer (GlideCam)

Wanted to experiment with gimbals and camera stabilizers. Design wise I went a different route, I used squares instead of circles. Another thing I designed in was the ability to have one or two handles to control the rig. I used two different sets of ball bearings. Smaller ones for the gimbal to keep the […]

Camera Lens Cap Holder

A (parametric) buckle that you can attach to your camera strap, which lets you (hopefully) stop losing your lens cap. The STL is sized for a 58mm lens cap, and a ~40mm strap width. The printing layers make for a great friction catch for the lens cap. But there’s a designed-in lip overhang to make […]

Fully Printable Camera Dolly

This is the full printable version of the camera dolly and it is modular as well. Can be printed on small printers that has a max of 8cm^3 print volume. The idea here is to make use of 3d printers that can make new items and this dolly also from a conventional (not so easy […]

DIY Camera Slider

Add cinematic movement to your video projects with a DIY slider. In this project, we’ll show you how to use a supported slide rail, railing platform and 3d printed parts to make a portable slider. Read the full tutorial and printing instructions on: learn.adafruit.com Edit models in 123D Design: http://www.123dapp.com/project/DIY%20Camera%20Slider/2534164 Our 19″ (500mm) slide rail […]

Camera LED Ring

Description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbKjKKVewDU Trying to get those pixel perfect macro shots on a budget? Build your own DIY low cost ring of light with a NeoPixel Ring and Trinket, Adafruit tiny arduino micro controller. The color and brightness of the LEDs can be programmed to color or pattern! Using the 24x NeoPixel ring as a light […]