Hasselblad A12/24 Darkslide Keeper-JCHP

Not wanting to risk bending my Hassy dark slides by dropping them in a pocket, or lose it by setting it down somewhere when shooting, I designed a keeper that hangs ’round my neck and supports the entire surface area of of the Hasselblad V series A12 / A24 dark slide while it’s out of the camera.

I’ve printed in HIPS and Bridge Nylon. I prefer the nylon – it’s a little more flexible than the HIPS, and seems almost “self-lubricating”, so the dark slide inserts easily.

URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2427190

Author: honhaverstick@thingiverse

Film Case

This is a case for 5 rolls of medium format film (120). You could also use this case for re-spooled 620 film.

I was tired of keeping my film in a Ziplock bag and wanted something nicer than the cardboard box the film came in.

This case is durable and when closed light tight. It will accept rolls still in the foil, and will protect exposed rolls of film


Print the two pieces
Load with 5 rolls of your favorite film
Go out and shoot!

URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:222675

Author: boymeetsmill@thingiverse

Distagon f/4 40 mm C lens hood

I recently purchased a Hasselblad 40mm C f/4. I love medium format cameras and lenses. The are sharp, work very well, and are built to last, this lens is no exception.It’s a beast weighing in at 1.375kg ~3lbs. I’ve been scared to shoot it because I didn’t have a filter to mount on it. Older series Hasselblad lenses (and some Rolleis) take bayonet style filters and lens hoods. They work great but are hard to come by, and expensive if you do find them.

My idea was to design a lens hood that I could print and mount to the camera. It takes a b104 filter, and hood. Which means bayonet 104mm diameter!

I did some research and found there was a rubber lens hood that was sold to fit this camera, but I haven’t been able to find one for sale, or borrow for reference. The CAD I have posted is all from looking at lots of pictures, and taking measurements from the lens, and a b60 lens hood I have from another lens.

The flickr link below is a nice image the same lens as mine…
a new toy to play with

URL: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2463497

Author: boymeetsmill@thingiverse